Toast w/ spread. 4.5

Toasted Muesli w/ yoghurt. 8

Croque-Signora w/
Leg ham on buttered sliced white topped w/
melted provolone cheese & a sunny egg. 10

Melted Toastie w/
Red cheddar & provolone cheese, leg ham,
Pepe Saya butter on sliced white. 10

Bacon & Egg Bun w/
Double bacon, fried egg & gourmet ketchup
or smokey BBQ sauce on a milk bun. 9

Grilled Ham Roll w/
Grilled double smoked leg ham, smashed eggs,
fresh tomato & red cheddar on a milk bun. 9

Smashed & Smoked Toast w/
Smashed eggs, smoked salmon,
julienned Lebanese cucumbers & Spanish onions
on quinoa sourdough. 9

Sourdough Open Toast w/
Chunky lemon avocado, grilled tomato, shallots
oregano & balsamic glaze on quinoa sourdough. 9
+add prosciutto lonza. 3
+add a poached egg. 1.5

Eggs Your Way
w/ toast, Pepe Saya butter & reg.Coffee. 12
+add extra;
Bacon (4), Smoked leg ham (3), Chorizo (4),
Grilled tomatoes (1.5), Chunky lemon avocado (3),
Smoked salmon (4.5)

Hot Breakfast w/
Toast, eggs your way, bacon,
paprika infused chorizo, grilled tomatoes,
chunky lemon avocado & Pepe Saya butter. 18

Partnering with people who are as passionate as us...
— Abattoir Blues



ALL 15

Cheeseburger &Fries
Beef w/ double red cheddar, gourmet ketchup,
Coney Island mustard & pickled cucumber
on a milk bun.

Beef Burger &Fries
Beef w/ shredded lettuce, fresh tomato,
beetroot relish & gourmet ketchup
on a milk bun.

Stubb’s BBQ Burger &Fries
Beef w/ red cheddar, Spanish onions,
crispy bacon & Stubbs smokey BBQ sauce
on a milk bun.

Pulled Pork Burger &Fries
Slow cooked pulled BBQ pork w/
cabbage slaw on a milk bun.

Chicken Shop Burger &Fries
Grilled chicken w/ provolone cheese,
shredded lettuce & aioli on a milk bun.

Peri-Peri Burger &Fries
Fried chicken w/ chunky lemon avocado,
Spanish onions, fresh tomato &
a jalapeño mayo mustard on a milk bun.

Wasabi Burger &Fries
Fried chicken w/ cabbage slaw,
julienned Lebanese cucumbers &
wasabi sauce on a milk bun.

Quinoa Burger &Fries
Quinoa & sweet potato patty w/
lettuce, provolone cheese & balsamic galze
on a milk bun.


House Made Slow Cooked Beef Pie
w/ sweet potato mash & injected gravy. 12
w/ beer battered chips & gourmet ketchup. 12

Chicken Schnitzel
w/ chips, cabbage slaw, aioli
& pickled cucumbers. 17

Grilled Chicken Breast
w/ sweet potato mash, kale salad,
gravy & Italian olives. 17

Salmon Steak
w/ quinoa salad, chunky lemon avocado
& sweet dukkah. 19.5

Kale & Lonza salad
w/ crispy prosciutto lonza, hazelnuts, apples &
pomegranate molasses dressing. 16


Side of fries. 4
Bowl of Chips w/ aioli. 8.5
Spanish Fries w/ chips, paprika chorizo,
      spanish onion & melted cheese. 12
Canteen Chips w/ chips, chicken salt & gravy. 8.5
Deli Board w/ prosciutto lonza, paprika chorizo
      Italian olives, pickled cucumbers,
      Pepe Saya butter & bread. 11


Triangle Sandwiches w/
Red cheddar & fresh tomato on sliced white. 6

House Made Beef Pie w/ chips & salad. 11

Chicken Nuggets w/ chips & salad. 10


::Good to know::

 - Gluten free bread available, add $1
- Breakfast from 7:00am to 11:00am & lunch from 11:00am to 2:30pm.
- Please order & pay at the counter & we will bring your meal to you.
- “Lifestyle” members receive 10%OFF all menu items.